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Prospectors Earth Sciences Pty Ltd, Australia

Prospectors, an established Australian mining supplies company, has a complex business model, with 5,500 products and 15,000 customers with multiple resellers and many pricing levels. Its web shop is a significant part if its business and regularly features as a number one search on Google. After 39 years it changed its business model to include regional branches close to its strategic customers. These branches have their own point of sale and warehouses with difficult, remote logistics. With such demands, Prospectors Managing Director Robert Keast was keen for a comprehensive solution which embraced new technology.

The former MYOB EXONET system had proved unable to handle some of the complexities of the business model and given the growth plans an alternative was essential. Various ERP options were assessed, all with a solution, but the costs and the length of time for implementations were unacceptable.

“The decision to go with a customisable, extensible solution on Mac consisting of the Daylite Productivity Manager Suite, MoneyWorks Accounting Software, and O’Doc (FileMaker Database) was based on a functionality matrix, a 5-year total cost of ownership, and demonstration. The results were quite staggering. The Cost Benefit Analysis was very strong, making the commercial decision relatively straight forward”, says John Cunniffe, Commercial Manager.


Tandem Ministries, New Zealand

Tandem Ministries is an international Christian organisation dedicated to building spiritual movements around the world. Headquartered in Florida, U.S.A., it has over 25,000 staff operating in over 191 countries. The New Zealand office has experienced strong benefits since adopting MoneyWorks to meet its challenging reporting needs.

“We’re required to provide detailed and complex financial reports to our international headquarters in the United States. The limitations of the accounting system we were using meant the work required to generate our reports was enormous and we were consistently one of the last countries in the world to supply our data.

Moving to MoneyWorks has made an amazing difference and at the last reporting cycle we were the first office in the world!

The MoneyWorks report writer gives us the ability to structure our reports to exactly meet our information needs. Now we can easily obtain the data we need in an instant, based on either the New Zealand or American financial years.

I thoroughly recommend MoneyWorks for its flexibility, ease-of-use and the excellent management information that it provides.”


Nautical Contracting, New Zealand

Nautical Contracting craft the world’s finest teak decks, deck maintenance and experienced labour for the world’s finest super yachts in many different locations around the world - from the 192 foot explorer vessel MY Ulysses in the USA; to the 242 foot SY Mirabella V in Southampton; and MY Unbridled, built at Trinity Yachts in Mississippi.

As a market-leading company, they need a system which provides timely information, job-costing and is accessible from anywhere, as they can have staff members at several different sites. Their former system, Xero, did not provide a job-costing system - a must-have for Nautical Contracting. Nautical Contracting were impressed with MoneyWorks, both because of its comprehensive job-costing features,its cost-effectiveness, and its ease of use.

Says Charmaine Sayers “a lot [of the other accounting systems] we tried were too technical.... I have used a number of different accounting packages and have found MoneyWorks one of the easier packages to use.” Nautical Contracting found the set-up process simple and straight forward, and are impressed with the information MoneyWorks provided.


VinPro, New Zealand

VinPro is a contract winery, wine bottling, warehouse and logistics company based in Central Otago, the premier Pinot Noir wine region of New Zealand. VinPro offers the complete bottling, warehousing and fulfilment services to our clients who are all the wineries that dot the region. VinPro employs up to 50 staff, and has a number of complex requirements, including production scheduling for bottling, stock control, and dispatch logistics. As such, their financial system must allow them to budget and report by cost centre, create significant KPI reports, manage their costs and income to a high level of detail, and provide a seamless interface to other 3rd party products.

As an Accountant and Financial controller of several businesses over many years, Chief Operating Officer Murray Kennedy has had real hands on experience with many different small business accounting software packages and larger financial and ERP systems. He says “When I was employed as the Chief Operating Officer / Financial Controller for VinPro I knew there was only one solution really worth considering when it came time to upgrade our own systems and that was - MoneyWorks Datacentre...MoneyWorks is a solution that has the power and flexibility necessary for the larger business with more complex needs, yet it’s ease of use and pricing structure also makes it very affordable and suitable for the very small businesses.

The power of the report writer and flexibility of the MoneyWorks chart of accounts, the structure and combination of departments, department groups, account categories, classifications and job costing enables us to capture and create custom reports to analyse and report on the data most important to us considerably easier and more efficiently than I could do with any other SME software package. We now have Financial and KPI reports that provide our managers with the knowledge and information critical to helping them manage their costs all at the push of a button at any time.”

VinPro manage their stock control and logistics requirements with O’Doc, a customised FileMaker Pro Solution which integrates seamlessly with MoneyWorks. By using the FileMaker-managed web front end, VinPro clients can monitor and report on their own stock levels and reprint copies of orders and invoices whenever they want via the internet. The VinPro client can also use their web browser or smart phone to enter their dispatch request as an on-line sales order to instruct VinPro where and how to dispatch their wine anywhere in the world. These orders appear instantly in VinPro's system so the VinPro staff can accurately pick and dispatch the wine complete with a customised packing slip that has each specific client's name as the header on the packing slip. The sales orders are managed in FileMaker, and upon fulfilment are automatically transferred to MoneyWorks, which handles all the accounting functions.

“Did we make the right choice with MoneyWorks? ABSOLUTELY!”


Arktos, United Kingtom

Arktos is a UK-based company specialising in the on-line sale of books, music and lifestyle products. They have been using MoneyWorks since 2009. Patrick Boch of Arktos comments:

“We have been using MW since Spring 2009. I have found it to be easy to adapt to and use while not being simplistic and therefore limited in its functionality. The degree to which you can customise just about any- thing in MW is extremely helpful. I have used the software for three companies whose accounting needs range from extremely simple to extremely complex. The manual is also very helpful...

However, what we really found invaluable was the personal openness by which your company operates. One time some bug crept into my file during an update and I thought for awhile we were in big trouble. I sent the file to you and within a couple of hours you had removed the bug and MW worked fine like before. When we initially purchased the system you spent time advising how to set up our accounts. We are very grateful for gestures like these.

In conclussion, therefore, we would like to thank you for creating this great software application and wish you all the best in your endeavours.”


Gekko Images, Australia

Gekko Images is an online photography stock library that sells photographic images online to a broad range of industries both in Australia and internationally. Gekko Images operate a Mac-based business, and gave up MYOB AccountEdge in favour of MoneyWorks, which was recommended to them as the only true cross-platform accounting software package available for Australian businesses.

As a small company, Gekko Images did the MoneyWorks set up themselves, citing the MoneyWorks manual and Help menu as being comprehensive and intuitive. In comparison to their previous system, Gekko Images says MoneyWorks is “faster and we find the navigation much more intuitive. Being able to access 7 years of historical data is great, and we save a lot in book keeping fees because it’s so easy to import bank statements directly into MoneyWorks for a quick bank reconciliation.” Best of all, Gekko Images have found that MoneyWorks is a fast, cost-effective and user-friendly system which has saved them time and money – “BAS time is no longer the nightmare it used to be when we were using MYOB.” Gekko Images love the ease of access that MoneyWorks gives to diverse information – from finding transactions to running detailed reports.

Says Gekko Images: “As business owners and NOT accountants we always struggled to access information and report features through MYOB. Navigation is a lot easier through MW’s and the report functionality is great.” Gekko Images would “absolutely” recommend MoneyWorks, and have done so to several friends and associates.


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Panel Source International

“Providing customers with forestry products on-demand requires operational systems that enable a high level of supply-chain visibility, an efficient distribution system, and smart financial management.”

“Cognito MoneyWorks running on the Mac transformed the resource planning and accounting functions throughout the enterprise” for this Alberta manufacturer.

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“I have searched a long time for financial software that suits my business, and tested many demo versions of numerous applications. Then I read about MoneyWorks. It's by far the best financial application I've come across in decades. None of the other applications I looked at had the same ease of use, were as feature-rich, and well-designed as MoneyWorks. Setting up our administration took less than a day, without even looking once at a manual. No other financial application I've seen so far comes even close to what the people at Cognito Software have created. Compliments from a happy customer!

—Léon van Schie, Managing Director, VoorZet Graphic Workflow Solutions, Netherlands

“ I have been a Mac user since the original one was shipped to me on day 4 of its release. I have never used a PC. I have used 100s of programs, and migrated through many versions of most of them, some Mac native, some not. I HAVE NEVER, NEVER EVER found a company as responsive and helpful as you guys, with a product that meets or exceeds all the usual Mac native standards (never mind the awful Windows-to-Mac kluges). ”

—Carol, St Thomas, Virgin Islands

“I looked at everything, Quickbooks, MYOB etc etc - they all sucked. MoneyWorks is fantastic !! —Well done!!”

—Regan, New Zealand

“ I thought I would let you know that I was recently in Cambodia providing more training on Financial management and MoneyWorks in a church that has 3 datafiles: Church, NGO & School.
There are many "brown outs" (forced black outs in various parts of city due the electricity supply issue) in Phnom Penh every day. The site has UPS batteries on the desktops and the server. Until I went there, there was no UPS on the network. Subsequently the 3 users lost connection about 5 times per day!! The MW's restore process is amazing. The data continues to be good and the process is easy.
From our experience, MYOB would have corrupted months ago and would have been a terrible and unworkable problem in this situation. MoneyWorks is standing up to this abuse with fine colours!! We have now reduced the crashes. But I am very glad we are using MoneyWorks for this organisation.
The other MAJOR advantage is the department budgeting and reporting capabilities.
Fantastic! Thank you for this great product!”

—Jeanette, Australia

“I want you to know that we think MoneyWorks is fantastic. We have been using the programme for three years and have never had a problem with it.”

—Diane, Auckland, New Zealand

“...Beats the crap out of MYOB. Great work people, keep it coming!”

—Margaret, Queensland, Australia

“I strongly recommend this program to anyone considering an Accounting / Stock control / invoicing package and to anyone currently using MYOB. When you make the change you will wonder to yourself how you carried out business before without it.”

—James, NSW, Australia

“I've had 7 years of using MYOB and I never felt I'd got the hang of it or entered everything correctly. After just 7 months on Moneyworks I feel I finally know what I'm doing! Try saying that and not feeling like an infomercial! I can't put my finger on it but think what helps is that the relevant info just seems to be there at the relevant time. Thanks VERY much and keep at it!”

—Nick Lo, trike interactive

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