Change History for 9.0.6

Mostly bug fixes

7 Dec

  • Print from Preview (Mac) was being vertically offset on the page. This has been fixed, but if you normally Print from Preview, you may have adjusted your forms to account for this vertical offset. If so, you may need to adjust them back.
  • Fixed a number of issues introduced by the switch to the new Scintilla text editing framework on Mac…
    • Script Editor (Mac) performance issue syntax colouring XML fixed
    • Script Editor (Mac) high CPU usage fixed
    • Script Editor (Mac) fixed MWScript syntax colouring missing the final token after using html/xml/json syntax colouring lexer
    • Script Editor (Mac) for Report custom control was not active
  • Fixed Report-to-Excel only working half the time (Mac)
  • Bank Reconciliation Status Report: performance optimisation
  • Datacentre: Stale-disconnect time may no longer be less than 5 minutes
  • Datacentre: Rate-limit for reconnect attempts to give more time for the network to come back up if it has gone down
  • Fixed Yodlee account linking error when there are not yet any linked accounts
  • Fixed a stack overflow crash in the in-field expression evaluation when the expression is very long
  • Stock History report: corrected handling of revaluations and negative stock
  • Copy Records as XML command is now in the contextual menu (Gold)
  • Correct handling of UK VAT Flat Rate scheme submissions using MTD

Previously included in 9.0.5r1 DC

  • Fixed Tax rates dialog being read-only on a server in 9.0.5
  • Fixed high CPU usage in the import dialog (Mac)
  • Cosmetic fix to edit list column resize on Mac
  • Scripted clipboard access (GetClipboardText and PutClipboardText)
  • Fixed potential crash on server shutdown (mainly on Windows)
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