Change History for 9.0.4

27 Oct 2021

General changes

  • Tweaked Mac installers so that M1 Macs don’t falsely claim that Rosetta needs to be installed
  • Product.BuyPrice is no longer updated for inventoried items returned for credit
  • Fixed Purchase Order invoice-after-goods processing to allow a negative purchase line to be zeroed for exclusion from the invoice when it has already been processed previously
  • Updated to libcurl 7.78.0 on Windows
  • Easier access to console log and logs folder (in Help menu). Also the Gold logs are now in their own Logs subfolder on Windows
  • Modeless MAPI is optional and only enabled on Windows 10, since it appears to be unreliable on older versions of Windows/Office
  • Generic CSV Bank Importer: Now ignores lines where date is empty or amount is empty


  • New Profit and Loss for Date Range Report
  • New Tax by Currency Report
  • Stock History Report: fixed error when transactions not being shown
  • Trial Balance to Date: fixed error for first period of financial year
  • Fixed a potential crash in GST Report

Server and networking changes

  • Addressed an issue with the number of connected users sometimes being miscounted on Windows servers
  • Further sleep detection logic for flaky versions of Windows 10; if your PC went to sleep while network connected and did not tell MoneyWorks, MoneyWorks will now just exit on wake instead of crashing
  • REST doreport: optimised for large reports with no output format specified (i.e. plain text output)
  • Improved CLI logging
  • Server explicitly logs disorderly disconnects
  • Optimised the ledger autocomplete cache building to improve performance for data files with millions of ledgers (we do not condone structuring your accounts to have millions of ledgers — that is nuts)
  • jpegoptim path is relative for 64-bit install on Windows, instead of hardcoded to the (x86) directory
  • Addressed rare server crash on Windows server on client disconnect
  • Fixed a potential server lockup when a REST/HTTPS client fails to respond to a TLS shutdown
  • If a REST worker encounters a database lock, it will now fail instead of potentially retrying forever
  • Datacentre Console now indicates users whose connections appear to be stale ahead of them being disconnected

Scripting improvements

  • Fixed Before:F_REPSETUP being sent twice if the script handler takes a long time
  • New Timestamp function provides formatted timestamp with milliseconds
  • New WaitMilliseconds function for programmed script delay
  • Fixed script syntax colouring when first line is a hashbang (#!)
  • New Standalone scripts (hashbang mode) can receive command line arguments (in __args[])
  • Setting B_NEXT to true in the product entry now saves the record and advances to the next one as expected
  • Removed some outdated info from the command line tool man page
  • Message.StartDate is now mutable by ReplaceField()
  • Regex_search: Fixed spurious runtime error when search string is empty
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