Change History for 8.2.3

Performance and reliability enhancements
12 August 2020

  • Validation list on Salesperson field no longer prevents proper salesperson update (for Append Salesperson products) when changing salesperson for a transaction
  • Omit blank contact email addresses from mail recipient list
  • Job Sheet entry window network performance improvement
  • Datacentre: Skip backup-on-close when the database was not changed.
  • Don’t show tax rate in account entry when GST is disabled
  • Scripting: CreateArray function can now take pairs of initialiser keys, values
  • Scripting: Support for CURLOPT_SSL_OPTIONS CURL option
  • Scripting: ModalWindow, CreateWindow, ModalListWindow, and CreateListWindow can now take an optional final parameter containing an associative array of initial window properties
  • Scripting: SetListField failing when script progress window appears – for now the progress window is suppressed by SetListField
  • Printing Diagnostic to clipboard no longer includes NULs that confuse encoding detection in Windows Notepad
  • Import configuration preview data that is out of view updates properly when stepping through records (Mac)
  • Auto receipt number in the Receive Deposit window
  • Fixed Forms Express invoice text wrap in headings on Windows
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