Change History for 8.1.1

Bug fixes and some new features
18 Jan 2018

  • Fixed some problems with autoallocation rules in bank statement importing. Everyone who imports bank statements should install this update
  • New Feature Added support for bank statement importing to create overpayments for debtors who do not yet have an invoice
  • New sample script in Gold Acme that uses for currency cross rates
  • New Feature Allow negative receipts to pay credit notes. This facilitates credit card refunds being processed through the Banking mechanism as part of a credit card batch.
  • Prevent ctrl-Return from inserting newlines in fields that don’t support newlines (Cocoa)
  • Prevent crashes due to corrupt autocomplete data due to newlines in description fields that shouldn’t have newlines
  • Prevent reports from hanging when they are invoked via Applescript/COM with an invalid date/period range
  • New Feature SetFieldValue may now be used to set the Fields popup option in the toolbar of the transaction entry screen using pseudo-field number -1
  • Name Entry: Address field tab order now goes through postcode, country etc before progressing to the delivery address fields
  • The Outlook glue script on Windows no longer fails to attach file when there is no recipient specified
  • Batch-tracked products no longer demand a batch number when processing an order where that product’s line is not being shipped/received (zero ship qty)
  • Fix High Sierra exception when running Payments History for a selected Name in the Names list on Datacentre
  • New Feature Offer to reload dependent scripts when a library script is recompiled
  • Fixed report/form upload failure to Datacentre when the database has been open for more than a day. This issue may also have prvented plugins from downloading to fresh clients when the database has been open for more than a day
  • New Feature XPath support via libxml. New functions: XMLParseFile, XMLParseString, XPathEval, XMLFree
  • Fixed a problem with APFS directory scanning that could prevent REST-generated reports from working when the server was running on High Sierra and the report was in a subfolder
  • It’s hot. Have an ice cream… 🍦
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