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Office 2011 SP1 issue

MoneyWorks 6 added support for sending emails via Office Outlook 2011 on the Mac (in addition to the already-supported Entourage and Apple Mail). Outlook 2011 has a completely different scripting dictionary from Entourage, which is why MoneyWorks 5 won’t send via Outlook.

Recently Microsoft released an update to Office 2011 (“Service Pack 1”). They made quite a few changes to the Applescript support in Outlook. Most of these are improvements, but one change seems to be a bug. This results in the to recipient address not being added when emailing from MoneyWorks 6.

We’ll have a fix to overcome this change in the next MoneyWorks 6 update. In the meantime it will be necessary to enter email addresses into Outlook manually when sending from MoneyWorks. We regret the inconvenience.

It’s worth noting that if you email large batches of invoices, you might find it more convenient to bypass your email client and use the new Direct SMTP emailing support in MoneyWorks 6. You can set this up in MoneyWorks Preferences, by specifying the name of your (or your ISP’s) SMTP server. MoneyWorks will send out emails with attached PDF invoices or statements directly via this server, and optionally BCC a copy to you.

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