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Ostendo release MoneyWorks Integration

Ostendo is “Operational Software” that includes advanced features for inventory, manufacturing and jobbing, and which now offers seamless, real-time integration with MoneyWorks Datacentre. In effect, Ostendo becomes an operational front end to MoneyWorks, adding powerful functionality for distribution, engineering and manufacturing, including:

  • Serial Number/Batch Tracking
  • Inventory and Purchasing
  • Landed Costing
  • MRP and Inventory Replenishment
  • Enhanced Job Costing and Projects
  • Labour, Timesheets and Job Tracking (includes Constraints Scheduling)
  • Distribution, POS and Service (includes Asset Preventive Maintenance)
  • CRM, Call Centre and Quoting
  • Manufacturing and Assembly
  • Configured Custom Products including Features and Options

Like MoneyWorks, Ostendo incorporates powerful custom reporting, graphical workflows, advanced scripting, and access from mobile devices, thus allowing for a high level of customisation to meet specific user requirements. For more information, visit or call +64-9-525-3612.

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