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MYOB users—time to switch to MoneyWorks

There has never been a better time for MYOB users to switch to MoneyWorks.

As you may know, MYOB is a large Australian-based (but now largely US-owned) marketing company that has historically marketed accounting software acquired from other developers. For the first time they have made a stab at developing an all new accounting software platform under the “MYOB” brand. This was released recently as an “upgrade” to the MYOB AccountRight line….to the apparent displeasure of their user base, who have complained loudly on the MYOB official user forum:

“MYOB! – what the bloody hell have you done to this product?? It is spectacularly awful and sluggish.”

“Sorry MYOB, but AP 2011 is an absolute lemon.”

” What used to take minutes can now take more than a hour. And yet you charged a fee us for this ‘upgrade’.”

“Not impressed with the problems I have already faced with new version. Programs is slow, problems importing customised plain paper invoices, intermittent problems printing from card search screen, problems with selecting the OK or Cancel buttons in screens with the mouse to finish transactions. Overall, not particularly happy.”

“Anyone tried MYOB lately? Or their latest upgrade? What a disaster!”

Fundamental complaints/flaws appear to be:

  • it is unreliable and buggy;
  • it is slow;
  • there is no Mac version (so no future compatibility);
  • new users get a licence for one data file only.

In contrast, MoneyWorks is reliable; very fast; provides feature, file format, and network compatibility across Mac and Windows platforms; and allows an unlimited number of company data files. And MoneyWorks has been developed by, and continues to be owned by, the same team that created it 20 years ago, and continues to evolve it to keep pace with modern technology.

MYOB users can (and should!) convert to MoneyWorks now—our free MYOB Converter works with previous versions of MYOB Accounting/AccountRight (and AccountEdge). However it won’t work with the new 2011 version (and it is unlikely that we would make a new one).

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