Q. How do I get my company logo into MoneyWorks

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Q. How do I get my company logo into MoneyWorks

Post by rowan » 05 Apr 2005 16:40

The obvious answer is "paste it into the Company Logo dialog box (in Company Details)". However, the tricky thing is getting your logo in a format that MoneyWorks will like.

MoneyWorks supports the native graphics format(s) on each platform.

Supported graphic formats

On Mac OS 9 this is a QuickDraw Picture (PICT). On OS 9, pictures may contain embedded postscript which will render on Postscript printers.

On Mac OS X the native formats are PDF and PICT. PDF is preferred. PICTs on Mac OS X may not contain embedded postscript.

On Windows, the native format is EMF (Enhanced MetaFile) (BMP is also supported in the forms designer)

Note: Non-native graphics formats, such as JPEG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, EPS are not directly supported.

Maximum size

MoneyWorks enforces a maximum size of a graphic of 400,000 bytes. There are a number of sound technical reasons for this, which I won't go in to. If you try to paste or import a larger graphic, you will get an error message to the effect that its memory footprint is too large. It is important to realise that when you open a compressed graphic format (such as JPEG) in a graphics program and copy it to the clipboard to paste it into MoneyWorks, the copied graphic will generally be uncompressed and thus may be 50x bigger than the file you started with. So you might, say open a 50K JPEG in Photoshop or MSPAINT, copy it, and then be surprised to find that MoneyWorks won't accept it.

Mac OS 9
You can either drag a PICT file into the Company Logo dialog box, or you can open any other graphics file (including JPEG etc) and Copy it to the clipboard (Edit:Copy) and then Paste into the Company Logo dialog box. However, as explained above, if you start with a compressed format, most graphics programs will give you an uncompressed, and therefore significantly larger graphic on the clipboard, which may well be over the 400,000 byte limit.

If you have a JPEG or other compressed bitmap format, the best thing to do is to open it in Photoshop and then Save As as a PICT file with JPEG compression. Then drag this PICT file into the Company Logo dialog box. You'll get a Picture with the compressed JPEG embedded within it.

Illustrator and Freehand will copy a Picture with embedded postscript if you hold down the Option key when copying. The resulting Picture will print properly only on a Postscript printer.

Mac OS X
PDF is the preferred graphics format on Mac OS X. Any program can create a PDF using the Print command in Mac OS X. The Mac OS X 10.3 Preview.app will copy PDF to the clipboard.

For PICT graphics see the advice as for OS 9 (except embedded postscript won't work on OS X -- the OS X print system does not support it)

Few programs on Windows directly create EMF files. The easiest way to get EMF on the clipboard is to import your graphic into Microsoft Word and Copy it from there, then Paste into MoneyWorks. The bad news is that bitmapped graphics (that started as BMP, JPEG etc) get copied as an uncompressed BMP embedded within the EMF. If you can't save your bitmapped graphic from Paint as a BMP and get a file less than 400,000 bytes, then you can not put that graphic into MoneyWorks.

If your logo is basically text, then the best format on Windows is WordArt - this is because WordArt is a native EMF graphic. You can select multiple WordArt objects within Word, copy them and Paste them into MoneyWorks. The resulting logo will print faster and with much better quality than a BMP or JPEG would.

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