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by bensearle54
16 Mar 2014 17:53
Forum: General MoneyWorks
Topic: Changing Status of Invoice
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Changing Status of Invoice


As a very novice and very low volume (very few invoices) user of Money Works, I mistakenly clicked 'posted' on an invoice. I am not sure how to either delete the invoice or change its status to not posted.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

by bensearle54
01 Oct 2013 13:21
Forum: Forms and Forms Design
Topic: Removing TAX from tax Invoice form
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Removing TAX from tax Invoice form

Hi, I am a sole trader who does not need to charge GST until I reach a specific income limit. However, the Invoices I have generated put the words Tax Invoice and then the number of the invoice on the form. I can't see where the words Tax Invoice come from nor how to remove the word TAX from this. A...