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Newsletter December 2020

So 2020 is almost gone—it’s odd, but I doubt many people will miss it! In this part of the world we are just coming into summer, and are looking forward to a much needed break (it turns out there is a finite limit to the amount of pandemics, US elections and other news that one can bear). As is usual over the holiday period, our support services will be operating on reduced capacity (see Holiday Support).

The MoneyWorks Team would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very happy and safe Christmas, and to thank you for your support over what has been a very long year. To cheer you up and give you something exciting to look forward to in early 2021, we’re sharing some of what is coming up in the next version of MoneyWorks.

MoneyWorks 9

In an ideal world, you would now be enjoying the benefits of MoneyWorks 9. However, as some of you may have noticed, 2020 has not been an ideal year, so MoneyWorks 9 is still a couple of months away. But we thought we would share with you a little bit of what is coming.

One of the design goals of MoneyWorks 9 was to make it easier to provide additional, on-line services. These are specialist services that we can provide through partnering with third parties and include:

  • Bank Feeds: Automatic loading of the latest bank transactions for nominated bank accounts (in partnership with Yodlee).
  • Supplier Invoice Scanning: Automatic entry of pdf invoices received from your suppliers, reducing the need for manual data entry (in partnership with FerretSoftware).
  • e-Invoicing: In supported jurisdictions, electronic issuing and receipt of invoices based on the PEPPOL standard (in partnership with Link4).

Because these services are provided by third parties they will incur additional fees for those users who decide to use them.

There are of course lots of new features and improvements, the main one for MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre being a new, fully integated asset register (to preview the draft asset register documentation click here). MoneyWorks 9 will also natively support Apple’s newest Macs with Apple Silicon processors (although the current versions of MoneyWorks 8 run just fine on them, MoneyWorks 9 will run even faster).

Upgrade pricing is yet to be finalised, and as is usual with MoneyWorks upgrades, those who have purchased MoneyWorks in the last few months will be eligible for a free upgrade.

macOS Big Sur Glitches

A couple of glitches have emerged when running MoneyWorks on macOS Big Sur. We have released an update (MoneyWorks 8.2.5) to fix these. These are available through the normal software updates process.

Holiday Support

As previously alluded to, most of the MoneyWorks support and admin team will be taking a break over the holiday period (and in theory gearing themselves up for an exciting 2021). “Taking a break” at Christmas in New Zealand means beaches, barbeques, boats, eating far too much, and trying to ignore electronic devices.

Phone support will be unavailable after 5:00pm 23rd December, and will resume on 11th January. Email support will be available at, but with a longer turn around time.

If emailing for support, please be sure to include details of the MoneyWorks version you are using (e.g. MoneyWorks Gold 8.2.3), as well as the version of your operating system (e.g. Windows 10, macOS Big Sur). Outline what the problem is, and, if you are getting an error message of some sort, tell us exactly what it says (better yet, include a screen shot). Brevity might be the soul of wit, but it will significantly hinder any help we can provide.

Wishing you a safe and healthy festive season
The MoneyWorks Team

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