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Newsletter June 2020

Another quarter has flown by, much of it in lockdown for many of our users (and developers and support team). It was good that so many of you were able to take advantage of MoneyWorks’s remote access capability as outlined in our last newsletter (and if you missed it, you can see it here).

Changes to Gmail Security

At the end of this month (June 2020) Google are requiring new security settings for gmail. If you are using the gmail SMTP server to send emails direct from MoneyWorks and have not implemented the new gmail two factor authentication, you will need to reset these. Please see Using Gmail SMTP from MoneyWorks.

macOS Big Sur and Apple Silicon

Yesterday Apple announced a new version of the macOS (Big Sur), and the transition of Mac hardware away from Intel processors to Apple’s own ARM processor.

As usual with new macOS releases, we urge caution. At this stage we don’t know what, if any, changes will be required in MoneyWorks to maintain compatibility or meet new security requirements. When we are confident that MoneyWorks runs on Big Sur we will let you know.

MoneyWorks has already undergone four Apple CPU transitions (Motorola 68000; to PowerPC; to 32-bit Intel; to 64-bit Intel), so we expect to take the next one in stride as well. Apple have stated that existing 64-bit Intel apps (like MoneyWorks 8) will run on the new Apple Silicon Macs without issue, but we anticipate supporting native Apple Silicon some time in 2021 once new architecture Macs are generally available.

Changing VAT and GST Rates

There is some discussion in the UK about temporary reductions in the VAT rate to help boost the economy after the Covid-19 pandemic. Should these eventuate, you will need to change the rates and the changeover date in the affected VAT codes in MoneyWorks (see this blog entry). As the rates are date driven, the changes can be done in advance of any rate changes.

Fiji VMS Accreditation

VMS is a system introduced by the Fiji Government whereby all sales transactions must be sent through a centralised Government system which calculates the correct VAT, and also mandates a QR code on invoices so that this can be checked by the recipient. Fiji users of MoneyWorks will be pleased to know that MoneyWorks has been accredited by the Fiji Government as being VMS compliant. A pdf of the documentation is available here.

Getting MoneyWorks for your Accountant

For many years we have made available specially licenced versions of MoneyWorks to the external accountants of MoneyWorks users at no charge. This means you can just give them access to your MoneyWorks file and you are 100% compatible with them—what you can’t do is give your accountants (or anyone else) your MoneyWorks serial number.

To organise a copy for your accountant simply choose Help>Register on Line in MoneyWorks and fill in your details and click the check box to enable you to enter your accountant’s details. Once these details are vetted, which might take a couple of working days, we will send the accountant their special licence (it pays for you to advise the accountant in advance, otherwise they might ignore the email).

If you change accountants (or your own contact details change), just re-register. We also normally ask you to re-register when a new major version of MoneyWorks is released, just to make sure your details are current, and to ensure that your accountant remains compatible.

If you are using MoneyWorks Cashbook, it is probably easier just to get your accountant to subscribe to the free version. This is done by creating a MoneyWorks account at

Daylite and FileMaker Plug-ins

These plug-ins, which allow direct communication between Daylite and FileMaker, have been updated to meet new system requirements

Daylite is a popular CRM for Mac, and the plug-in allows the updating of customers and quotes from Daylite. The current plug-in version is 1.5.5, and can be downloaded from the original link sent when purchased. Older versions should not be used with Daylite Cloud.

FileMaker is a widely used database and app builder system for both Mac and Windows, and the plug-in allows two-way exchange of data at the desktop level between FileMaker and MoneyWorks. A signed version of the macOS 64 bit FileMaker plug-in is now required for macOS Catalina and later. This, and the Windows version, are available from the original link sent with your purchase.

MoneyWorks 8.2.2

The current version of MoneyWorks is 8.2.2, which was released earlier this week. For a list of changes/enhancements please the MoneyWorks 8.2.2 Change Notes

End of Financial Year in Australia

The end of the financial year is approaching for most Australian users, so it might be timely for them to review this resource topic: What should I do at the End of Financial Year?.

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