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Newsletter October 2019

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macOS 10.15 – Catalina

Later this week Apple are expected to release Catalina, the next update to macOS. The newly released MoneyWorks 8.1.8 includes changes for Catalina compatibility, and you should update to that if you are contemplating using Catalina. In particular if you want to host MoneyWorks Datacentre on a Mac running Catalina you must have MoneyWorks 8.1.8, and you must give Datacentre full disk access.

MoneyWorks 8.1.8r1

The current version of MoneyWorks is 8.1.8r1, which was released earlier this week. We strongly recommend users to update to this. For a list of changes/enhancements please the MoneyWorks 8.1.8 Change Notes

Update on Making Tax Digital – UK

HMRC have announced some changes in their Making Tax Digital (MTD) requirements, which have been incorporated into the 8.1.8 release. Although these are not mandatory, they will be at some point in the future. UK users should therefore update to MoneyWorks 8.1.8 before the end of this year.

Consolidation and Intercompany Module

We’ve significantly expanded the capabilities of the MoneyWorks Consolidation and Intercompany module (available on the MoneyWorks Add-on Store). This module allows the exchange of data between MoneyWorks entities on a single Datacentre, or on multiple on-line Datacentres, or on MoneyWorks Now. In practical terms it allows you to:

  • prepare consolidated reports (trial balance, profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow) across multiple entities
  • automatically adjust reports for intercompany eliminations, as shown in the following four company consolidated report;
  • Four Company Consolidated PL

  • prepare consolidation journals across multiple entities;
  • electronically invoice other entities for inter-company charging;
  • send purchase orders to other entities as sales orders;
  • facilitate cross-company reporting, or the creation of other cross-company transactions.

If you are using an older version of the Consolidation Module you can get a free upgrade (with proof of purchase) by emailing Note that the new module requires MoneyWorks 8.1.8 or later. Full documentation on the module is available for download from here.

Upcoming Training Courses

Next scheduled training courses:
    Sydney: October 22nd and 23rd;
    Christchurch: November 12th and 13th;

For more details, or to book your place, see

In addition to these formal courses, we offer short, targeted on-line training. For example, if you want to find out more about how job costing can work for you, what scripts can do, how to change an invoice layout, or are unsure of how multi-currency works, then a time can be arranged to show you. For details please contact

Tips du Jour

Quick Date Entry

In MoneyWorks, a quick way to type a date that falls in the current month is to just type the day number. When you tab out, MoneyWorks will fill in the month and year for you. In v8.1.8 this works on all platforms and locales (we discovered that it wasn’t working as expected on Windows in locales with US date formats).

You can also use a scroll wheel on your mouse to nudge the date up or down by a day while you are in a date field.

And, on the subject of dates, remember that you can right-click in the transaction date field and choose “Remember Value” so that future transactions get the same date as the previous one entered, or “Entered Today”, so that future transactions always default to today’s date.

Form Signing for Roles

MoneyWorks 8.1.8 allows you to sign a report or form for a Role (as opposed to a specific users). This makes the form or report usable by any users who have that Role. This is now the recommended way to handle form and report signing if you have a large number of users connecting to your MoneyWorks Datacentre server. For more about Roles see this section of the MoneyWorks manual.

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