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Tip du Jour: Setting your MoneyWorks 6 Preferences

The MoneyWorks Preferences (under the Edit menu, and not to be confused with the Document Preferences) enable you to specify how you want MoneyWorks to operate on the particular computer you are using. For example, you might like to have your on-screen lists in a bigger font size (or a different font altogether), which you can do on the Fonts panel of the Preferences.

In the Documents panel, there are preferences to prompt you to backup (you should have this on for at least once a week), and a new preference for “Multiple Instances”. Turning this on (it is off by default) allows you to have multiple copies of MoneyWorks running on your computer (e.g. you might want to have several different sets of accounts open at once).

In the Emailing tab, you can set MoneyWorks to bypass your mail client when sending emails by using your SMTP server directly (you’ll need to provide the details). If you do this, emails that you create will be sent directly, and will not open in a new window in your mail client (Outlook, Mail or whatever). This is a great way to speed up the sending of batches of emails.

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