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Importing Bills of Materials

It’s been possible to import a bill of materials (BOM) into MoneyWorks since about MoneyWorks 3. However it always had to be done using some sort of script (AppleScript on Mac, vbScript on Windows), as there is no user interface for it in MoneyWorks.

However it is relatively easy to add an Import command by using a Report Script, and this also has the benefit of being cross-platform (Report Scripts were covered in this earlier post).

The sample report script below will read a text file consisting of three columns (no headings):

  • Parent Item Code: The item code of the product that is being built
  • Quantity: The quantity used of the component
  • Component Item Code: The item code of the component used

The line of the text file must contain these three values (no blank rows), and the file can be either tab or comma delimited (you specify when the report script it run). Note that you cannot edit an existing bill of materials for an item; it is completely replaced by the components and quantities specified in the file (which must be ordered by Parent Item Code). Also note that no checking is done: if the items or components do not exist (or cannot be used in a BOM) the import will silently fail.

To act as a report script, the “Import Bills of Material.crep” file must be placed in your MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins/Scripts folder (unzip it first). You can then run it by choosing “Import Bills of Material” from the Command menu in MoneyWorks Gold/Datacentre (requires MoneyWorks 7 or later).


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