MoneyWorks in action: On track with StarShip

With MoneyWorks in use in so many industries and places around the world, we want to share stories of how organisations use MoneyWorks in innovative ways. The first of these is from Alex Webster, a long time MoneyWorks user who took advantage of MoneyWorks Automation (MoneyWorks Automation allows other systems to “talk” to MoneyWorks in real time) to overcome his frustration with “the antiquated process of shipping goods by courier”.

Alex created StarShip, an application that integrates with MoneyWorks and allows Alex to manage the entire courier fulfilment process from his desktop, save money and improve customer service.

Courier Ticketing and Tracking with Starship

StarShip starts by validating the delivery address (which can be entered manually or loaded direct from MoneyWorks), calculates the correct shipping rate, and then prints a fully addressed courier ticket. Outgoing consignments can be actively tracked once they have left the building via a simple dashboard, so Alex knows if a parcel has gone astray, and can take action before his customer calls to complain. StarShip even emails tracking details to the consignee, reassuring them that their order is en route and allowing them to track its progress themselves.

Alex developed the first version of StarShip for use in his own business.  The system was so successful, and improvements in productivity and efficiency so pronounced, that he needed to share it, so founded Elegant Solutions to develop the software further.  StarShip has since been extensively rebuilt and  continuously improved and now operates in a growing number of businesses across New Zealand.

MoneyWorks users can download StarShip (without charge or obligation) from and put it through its paces using a demo account.  MoneyWorks integration is extremely straightforward, and even allows tracking numbers to be written back to MoneyWorks transactions. At present StarShip supports CourierPost, NZ Post and DHL, with support for other carriers in the pipeline. Alex welcomes feedback and suggestions from all MoneyWorks users, and can be contacted at

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