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BNZ Invoice Finance

MoneyWorks 6 users who are with the BNZ can now take advantage of their innovative Invoice Finance package, which:

lets you access up to 80% of the face value of your BNZ approved invoices, immediately through Internet Banking for Business

We have prepared a suite of reports that prepares the information that the BNZ requires. Once you have BNZ approval, you should download and install the reports, which can be downloaded from here as a zipped archive.

The archive will need to be decompressed (normally by double-clicking it), and the three reports moved into the MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins/Reports folder.

To find where your custom plug-ins folder is, open your MoneyWorks data file and choose Index to Reports from the Reports menu. If there is a big button there that says Make Custom Plug-Ins Folder, click it and then click Reveal when prompted. If there is no button, change the All Reports pop-up menu to Custom Reports and click the small folder icon to the left.

You should now be looking at your MoneyWorks Custom Plug-ins/Reports folder (in Windows Explorer if on Windows, or the Finder if on Mac). Copy the (decompressed) reports into this. They will then be accessible under your Reports menu (you might need to restart MoneyWorks).

Please call the MoneyWorks support line on 0900-55-444 if you need additional assistance.

Note: Reports were updated on 7 June 2012 to version 1.0.4 (which will appear in one of the header lines on the report); if you are using an earlier version please download the updated reports and install, replacing the older reports.

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