Multiple payment receipt lines on invoice

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Dee Jay
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Multiple payment receipt lines on invoice

Post by Dee Jay » 21 May 2013 20:57

I am new to MoneyWorks express.
I am trying to code my invoice to show multiple payment receipt lines against a single invoice

Format required:-

Payment Date/Receipt#/Amount Paid/GST on Payment
10/2/13 / 002 / $380 / $38
20/4/13 / 004 / $200 / $20

With the help of the community I have been able to workout a code for the "Receipt #"
Unfortunately this code only displays a single receipt which is repeated down to the rest of the lines

Find ("transaction.ourref", `[Transaction:SequenceNumber = ` +SequenceNumber+`][Payments.InvoiceID][Payments.CashTrans][Transaction] `)

Appreciate if someone out there could help me on this :roll:

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Re: Multiple payment receipt lines on invoice

Post by nasupport » 15 Jun 2013 06:08

Create a Payments type List with this Search function

Code: Select all


Date Paid column calc is :

Code: Select all


Receipt Number Column is:

Code: Select all


Amt. Paid is:

Code: Select all


Your inclusive AUS GST column:

Code: Select all

Payments.Amount / 110 * 10


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