Settlement Discount Display on Invoice

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Settlement Discount Display on Invoice

Post by furnessbrick » 05 Apr 2018 19:54

I hope I am posting in the correct forum here. I have a problem with my invoice template since upgrading to data centre.

If the settlement discount is pre-loaded into the customer details the settlement displays fine on the invoice - for eg:

'Less 2.5% if paid by 28 May 2018'

However is the settlement discount is not pre-loaded into the customer details and is entered directly into the invoice form when invoicing it displays like this on the invoice:

'Less 0.00% if paid by 28 May 2018'

The code to calculate this field is:

"Less " + Name.CustPromptPaymentDiscount + "% if paid by " + datetotext(Transaction.PromptPaymentDate, 2)

Can someone advise how I can rectify this. Sometimes customers get prompt payment discount but not always, so I would rather have the flexibility of entering the % settlement discount directly into the invoice.

Thanks In advance


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