Multiple buyer prices Inventory

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Multiple buyer prices Inventory

Post by chris_john » 19 May 2014 16:17

I am a promotional product agency and I have thousands of products but I don't hold the stock.
I buy from my supplier who then brands the items and then sends them to my client.
I am looking at a way of putting all buying prices into MoneyWorks 5.
If I put my suppliers highest price in the buying panel.
I'll maybe try and use the selling panel by using the multiple prices and quantity price breaks.
The only thing that would be wrong would be the markup. (I think).
Does anyone know of a better way?

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Re: Multiple buyer prices Inventory

Post by pondball » 13 Jun 2014 06:27

Not sure if you've received an answer yet (this isn't a very active forum is it! :( )... and I'm far from an expert, but we are trying to do something similar with respect to items that we sell to both Agents and to the General Public. Some agents can purchase at different rates depending on their volume. Not sure if we do this in the multiple prices section or not.
Do you already have all your items input... (sounds like a lot of work if its thousands)... we only have about 140, but I have paired down the numbers by excluding color variations and shoes (with their abundance of sizes and widths - the bane of any sports business). I think I read somewhere that you could set this up in an excel file and then import it into your inventory list... does anyone out there know if this might offer a solution for chris_john?

here's hoping you get a reply soon!

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Re: Multiple buyer prices Inventory

Post by akexpress » 13 Jun 2014 16:18

I was reading about MoneyWorks scripts new in version 7. Maybe you could do something with those to help with your multi prices

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Re: Multiple buyer prices Inventory

Post by godeschalk » 16 Jun 2014 20:17

We have a couple of thousand items with prices varying on each according to the type of customer such as professional tradesperson on account to cash paying customer off the street. Further, there is the application of discounts for multiple numbers of an item purchased. I have calculated and entered all these individually with a little help from the 'duplicate' command as there was no suitable supplier price list.

The first basic option if you can is to import an appropriately formatted price list from your supplier which will give you a basic item list to adjust and build on. If this is imported into an Excel program or spreadsheet first you could automatically build up to six pricing groups with additional Excel colums and appropriate formulae. This in turn can be exported to a delimited text format and imported into MW. Beyond this, you might have to look at a later version.

Applescript or the built in scripting facility definately is a useful tool in this area and is worth becoming familiar with. There was no scripting facility available when I initially installed MW6 (as I understand) but I have done enough with Applescript to know that the time it takes to learn enough of this programming language to be useful is much less than the entry of all our prices. A decent script will do the job in a couple of minutes. This will be the case when it comes to adjust our prices and of course there are many other mundane tasks for which scripting is also practicle.

With regards to the original query: if you can accommodate your pricing into six categories than the item cards will be satisfactory other-wise you could have six basic prices and work on percentage discounts on the invoices on the fly.

Hope this is helpful

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