Single use items

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Single use items

Post by ari » 26 Jul 2013 13:33

We'd like to be able to buy and sell items on the fly, without the overhead of creating a new item each time and having it fill up our items list. ideally:

* when we create a quote (or sales order) we can specify for each line item who we buy that item from and what its cost is. This is just like creating an item, but for convenience without leaving the quote window
* some automated way to turn the quote into a set of purchase orders when the quote is approved and converted into a sales order/invoice
* convenient links between the invoice line and the purchase order. For instance, when the customer comes back with a warranty claim 2 years later.

Items work well when we have recurring products. But when our suppliers don't give us price lists (very common nowdays) then they don't help us much. Every time we prepare a quote, we research our supplier's pricing but creating a long-living item isn't helpful since we are unlikely to ever sell that exact same item at the exact same price ever again.

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Re: Single use items

Post by Simon » 16 Aug 2013 13:42

Why not just create a "Misc" Miscelaneous item that you use for all the one-offs? You can change the descripton and the price in the quote/invoice or wahtever transaction is you are doing.

Once the quote/sales order has been changed to an invoice you can switch it from a item invoice to service to fix the coding.

Alternatively copy your account codes and paste them into your items list with the COst of goods a.c being the account code and the item code.

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