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Faulty MoneyWorks Deposit Slip (Report)

Posted: 11 Apr 2015 15:52
by godeschalk
When physically banking cheques and cash at the end of the week from the MW Banking command one can also 'Transfer' cash from the Unbanked or Undeposited Funds account to accounts such as Petty Cash, the Cash Drawer or to pay various Fees.
If the deposit slip is printed from this window the print is an accurate reflection of the activity, for example: $500 - cheques (checks), $400 - cash deposited at the bank and $100 - transferred to Petty Cash, shows a total of $900 deposited at the bank broken down into cash and cheques - this can actually be used as a bank deposit slip*. (The $100 transfer is of course ignored on the Deposit Slip as the bank is not interested in seeing that)
However if the banking window is closed, completing the transaction in MW with the Deposit button and then the Deposit Slip is printed from the Reports pull-down after highlighting the journal entry, the report ignores the Transferred amount indicating a bank deposit of $1000 and hence rendering the deposit slip useless.

Additionally, I would have thought that for this Deposit Slip, when printed from the Banking window, to be of any practical value, the user should be able to select their own customised report that shows the kind of detail that their own bank would be interested in seeing. It does not appear possible at the moment to be able to do this.

Would like to hear other opinions/ comments.

* Could be used if essential information such as BSB was included and was in a format acceptable to the bank.