Charging for Paper Invoice's

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Charging for Paper Invoice's

Post by » 05 May 2009 03:53

My name is Peter and I'm not too sure where I should pose this question, so I'll try it here. My Cell Phone provider charges me $2.10 CDN per Paper Invoice. Can *I* charge for sending out Paper Invoice's. Anyone doing this?I'd probably have to put a blurb on my Invoice about going Electronic. New User of MoneyWorks Gold and new to the Forum here. Thanks in advance.

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Post by fishmoney » 29 Jul 2009 10:41

WOW...good luck!
How do you think that would play out with your customers? Would you not choose to chalk that up to the cost of doing business?
Alternatively, next statement you send out include a note that advises you will be charging an Administration cost begining the following month for all customers who choose to remain on a paper-based system. Let them know that as a result of the tough economic times that everyone is facing you are going the route of paperless so as to save costs where possible so that you don't have to pass along these costs to the consumer in the form of increased prices.

I don't know for fact how this should be handled, it just seems kind of tacky to me to charge for an invoice.

Good luck with it though.

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Re: Charging for Paper Invoice's

Post by Halvdan » 23 Feb 2010 09:57

You'd better have a good reason for doing so or else you stand the chance of your clients building up resentment. You also need a compelling alternative. Personally I think it is better to remove as many additional 'charges' as possible and simply build it into the service / product you are supplying.

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Re: Charging for Paper Invoice's

Post by shayanjameel08 » 25 Oct 2013 22:59

A $15 monthly recurring charge applies to every paper invoice provided to a Customer (except invoices solely for intrastate telecommunications services) in lieu of, or in addition to, an online invoice. This charge does not apply where a Customer has established to Company’s satisfaction, or Company determines on its own, that online invoicing is not a reasonable substitute for paper invoicing.

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