Credit Note for Cash Refund?

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Credit Note for Cash Refund?

Post by mikeguil » 23 Nov 2008 04:30

I have to issue a refund to a customer that is not a Debtor, so no way of issuing a Credit Note to (you need to enter a client NameCode to issue the credit note).

Is there another way to simply give a cash refund?

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Post by rowan » 25 Nov 2008 13:13

You could do that as a negative receipt (possibly even by cancelling the original receipt that you are refunding, if you are refunding all of it); alternatively, just do a payment transaction (if you want to associate this with the customer record, you would have to turn on the Supplier checkbox).

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Post by Fudd » 09 Jan 2009 10:08

Is there such a thing as a negative receipt? I am trying to post into MW a refund given to a customer's credit card by mistake (instead of a charge to their card) and all I get is a "beep" with no indication of what is preventing the posting.

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