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by zelda
18 Nov 2017 12:18
Forum: General MoneyWorks
Topic: Oops... upgraded to High Sierra with Moneyworks 5x
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Oops... upgraded to High Sierra with Moneyworks 5x

I don't keep on top of app versions, and I haven't backed up in a while. So only when it failed to launch, and I came here to get help did I find there was a problem with the incompatibility.

What might you recommend for me to be able to access my Moneyworks data?
by zelda
05 Oct 2012 06:23
Forum: Canadian Issues
Topic: No more penny in Canada
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No more penny in Canada

With the penny being phased out of Canada, and retailers having the option of rounding off invoices for cash payments... will there be an update to account for this in Moneyworks?
by zelda
05 Oct 2012 06:21
Forum: Canadian Issues
Topic: Journalling Canadian "Quick Method" GST
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Re: Journalling Canadian "Quick Method" GST

I've just started collecting GST, and also using the quick method. Any answers to this question?
by zelda
08 May 2010 04:52
Forum: General MoneyWorks
Topic: Purchasing a Fixed Asset
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Purchasing a Fixed Asset

I realize this is more of an accounting question, rather than a MoneyWorks question, but here it is:

I bought a new computer for my small business. Which EX account do I use to enter the expense so that Moneyworks understands that it needs to be amortized?

by zelda
09 Apr 2010 06:04
Forum: Forms and Forms Design
Topic: Receipt on Invoice
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Receipt on Invoice

When I take payment for an outstanding invoice (either in full, or a deposit), I would like to print a receipt for that payment which details what the payment is for. Currently, when I print the receipt on the standard receipt form, the quantity, description and price all show up blank or zero. The ...
by zelda
16 Feb 2010 12:40
Forum: General MoneyWorks
Topic: Receipt for Deposit on Invoice
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Receipt for Deposit on Invoice

I want to be able to print a receipt for a deposit (or payment installments) taken on an invoice. I create the invoice. I create a receipt of money toward the invoice. When I go to print the receipt, I'd like it to show the amount owed, item(s) purchased, and amount received. What I get is Qty=0, no...