Upgrading a v7 Datacentre

Follow all the steps as for installing. You will need to enter the new serial number (and possibly user key) supplied with the upgrade.

File conversion from v7

Once installed, open the MoneyWorks Datacentre Console application, select the Folders tab, and click “Upgrade Files to v9”. This will convert files to v9 format. This may take some time if you have large files. Please be patient.

On successful conversion. the file extension (if any) will be .moneyworks. The old file will be renamed with”(archived)”. Files with “(archived)” in the name will no longer be considered for conversion. You can remove these archived files if you wish. The server will no longer access them.

Datacentre can work with MoneyWorks Cashbook and Express files as well as MoneyWorks Gold files (they all use the .moneyworks file type).



  1. Download the Datacentre.pkg installer package.
  1. Double-click the Datacentre.pkg icon.
  1. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation (you will need to be logged in as a user with Administrator privileges, and you will be asked to provide your password).
  1. On macOS Catalina and later, you must give MoneyWorks Datacentre Console Full Disk Access.

The Mac installation process installs the following:

  • Datacentre support files are installed at: /Library/MoneyWorks/
  • Console application at: /Applications/MoneyWorks Datacentre Console.app


Note: MoneyWorks Datacentre v9 requires a 64-bit version of Windows.

  1. Locate the downloaded setup program (DatacentreSetup.exe)
  1. Open DatacentreSetup.exe and follow the onscreen instructions.

The Windows installation process installs the following:

  • Datacentre support files and the Console application into: C:\Program Files\MoneyWorks Datacentre\

Note that if you are upgrading a previous installation (v7, v8) the installation will be in the same location as the previous installation, overwriting it (i.e. Program Files (x86)). For a new install, the install directory will be C:\Program Files\MoneyWorks Datacentre\

  • MoneyWorks Documents folder on the C:\ drive. You can relocate this in settings.
  1. The MoneyWorks Datacentre Console will start automatically at the completion of installation.